Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Great Room Makeover

My little girl turned 12 last week. *sniff* You know what that means, right? (Besides me crying in my Cheerios about the lost baby years and all those tiny ruffly dresses.) Yep, it means she's decided she's too old for her "baby" room anymore. Lucky for her, I've been watching design shows like a madwoman and formulating a plan.
I started plotting and planning back... oh, I don't even know. Months ago. She inadvertently helped me by picking her paint color while we were killing time at the doctor's office one day back in June; we were checking out the posters on the wall and she pointed out a particular pink (ew, pink) shade on one of them and said, "If I ever had a room makeover, that's the color I'd want my walls." Ask and you shall receive, child (as long as it's cheap, lol).
As it happened, the week containing her birthday was one she was spending away from our house, so I decided the whole thing could be a surprise and gave myself a one-week time frame to get it all done. One week, says I, is plenty of time. No sweat.


Scratch that. It turned out I had to work parts of that Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and all day Thursday. Still, no problem, I thought, and I got to work.
Here are a few examples of the disaster that confronted me in the bedroom:
(Believe it or not, I had the kids clean before she left for the week.)

Once all the furniture and such was removed, I realized I had even more work cut out for me than I'd suspected.......Yeah. That was one room in serious need of some help. But before I ramble on about all the projects, let's get to the good stuff... the after pictures!
I set myself a budget of $100 to do the whole room. With that in mind, I decided to rip out the closet and replace it with a smaller one, replace the gigantic dresser, build a new bed with under-bed storage drawers, create a headboard/divider and desk, and turn her dilapidated coverless toybox into a bench. Of course, there were other projects thrown in, like painting the room, adding a few lamps (what kind of room only has one lightbulb, anyway?), and painting all the furniture, but those were the main construction projects.

Since this post is already pretty long, stay tuned for detail pics in the next post. :)

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